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Fashion short hair

In the early summer season, a refreshing short hair is like a cool breeze blowing through the corner of the street, bringing a refreshing and refreshing feeling. If you are a girl who likes small floral, cotton, guitar, pure water, hand-made fabrics, you will definitely be impressed by the clean short hair we recommend!


Style: sexy messy bob

The slightly thick bangs and the messy lines of the entire hairstyle are very harmonious, creating a unique bob head. Say goodbye to the straight human hair extensions that is too strong in form, use a medium curl to create a random wave curl, and don't have a lazy sexy taste. Liu Hai cuts the thickness above the eyebrows, it will look cute!

Suitable for: light and mature women with artistic temperament

Style: supple long bob

On the basis of the standard bob head to increase the length of the hair, the shoulders of the smooth inner curls with the prostitute Qi Liuhai, especially suitable for gentle and well-behaved ladies. If you choose linen, camel hair color will add more freshness. Don't forget to use hairspray to take off the flying hair, smooth and obedient hair is the key to this hairstyle!

Suitable for: senior students, service industry girls who need affinity

Style: fluffy smart short hair

For the long face mm, this hairstyle that corrects the proportion of the face is best for you! The fluffy shape of the air-filled air, combined with the sleek long bangs, can fully modify the head shape and face shape, making your long face look more round and well-behaved, but remember that Liu Haier can't cut too wide!

Suitable for: ol, neutral, mm without losing femininity

Style: charming cat-like curls

A hair style that allows the hair volume to increase immediately but does not appear heavy! The use of a messy curl to increase the amount of hair, combined with the depth of the dyed hair to modify the layering, visually achieve a fluffy and breathable effect. The bangs in the middle and the curls on both sides of the face are the most effective "weapons" to hide babyfat! Keeping the hair "wet" with moisturizing mousse is the key to adding a feminine cat-like sex.

Suitable for: sexy mature women